EPISODE 11: On Location at Ronin Fermentation Project (Entrepreneurship, Koji Mold, Building a Brewery)

Charlie Johnson has a long history in the beer business, and now he's ready to launch his own brewery... again. Recorded on location in the woods of the Lost Sierra, this episode covers Charlie's trials and tribulations and what kind of beers you should expect to see coming from his new spot.

EPISODE 10: An American Swede in Oakland
(Swedish beer culture, Session Beers) 

Today we are speaking with our good friend Aiden Jönsson. Aiden is the man behind Bretty Fingers... an up-and-coming brewery inspired by mixed culture and farmhouse brewing traditions and utilizing local ingredients.

In this episode we discuss the Swedish craft beer market, his love of session beers, and some of his recipe formulations and brewing techniques.

GUEST PODCAST: The Start Chat Ep #9

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 8.33.46 AM.png

Tim from AltBrau calls in for a discussion on entrepreneurial goals, risk taking, crowdfunding, and doing your homework. Listen to the episode HERE

Episode Description:

Episode 9 - I talk to Tim Decker about his company AltBrau - Brewing and Blending. Tim's story is one that I hope amplifies to any entrepreneur who is even thinking about starting their own journey. From his experience, how to make a successful Indiegogo campaign and to his future plans, this an interview with a wealth of information! Follow all his social media @AltBrau

EPISODE 9: Brumaire Or Bust
(Wine, Cider, Mentorship, Farming) 

Krista Scruggs returns to the show to discuss her new project ZAFA and everything she has learned from working the vinyards out in Vermont. She is joined by her mentor Deirdre Heekin (aka Queen D) from La Garagista Wine and we discuss farming, economics ,creative endeavors, and much more.

On a side note... our apologies for the bit of static/interference on some parts of the episode. We are in the process of upgrading our equipment. Should be good on the next episode.

GUEST PODCAST: Creator-Destructor EP #25
(Beer Trends, Heavy Metal, Mental Health) 


Tim from AltBrau was invited to come by the CREATOR-DESTRUCTOR podcast. CD is a record label from California's Bay Area founded by Ben Murray from the bands Wilderness Dream, Heartsounds, and Light This City

Episode Description:

"Episode 25 has arrived, with my good buddy Tim Decker of Altbrau! In a nutshell, Tim is a beer person. He loves beer. He dreams about beer and all it’s complexities. Maybe that’s me projecting, but the man sure is passionate about the ale. He’s worked for years in the beer industry (as a sales rep for Lagunitas, and currently working for a Cider company), and we discuss trends within the beer industry, the oversaturation of beer gardens and breweries in the Bay Area and elsewhere, weed possibly affecting the sales of alcohol, the complications of starting your own brewery, constant doubt in entrepreneurial endeavors, depression and the effects of depressive thinking on goals and dreams, insomnia, and all kinds of gnarly shit! Whoa. I’m sure that sounds like a lot, but it’s a good time! Enjoy the episode, people!"

EPISODE 8: Cider Slinger
(Cider, Startup Challenges, Battling Beer) 

On this episode we talk to my new boss! Greg Ruth is one of the founders of South City Ciderworks. He tells us about how they got started and some of the challenges you face selling cider in the beer world.

EPISODE 7: On Location at Cellarmaker
(Collaborations, IPAs, SF Beer Week, Beer Trading) 

Our first time taking the podcast straight to the source. We recorded this episode at CellarMaker Brewing with co-founder Connor Casey. We talk about the beer distribution game, alternative business models, handling hops, and collaborations.

Episode 6: Talkin' Coffee
(with Bill Stevenson and friends)

So many great coffee beers out there. We decided to talk about it with our friend, barista Campbell McIntosh. Not only that... but we heard Mikkeller was releasing a coffee IPA with the fellas from punk rock legends The Descendents. We got Bill Stevenson on the phone and talked about their new record Hypercaffium Spazinate (Epitaph Records)

EPISODE 5: Evil Queen
(Nutrition, Drinking, & Gay Bars) 

Certified Nutritionist and long time friend Jared Mann came in to talk about the health qualities of beer and tell some drinking stories. We introduced him to some great beers and forced him to eat pizza.

EPISODE 4: THE Buzz Kill Episode
(Sobriety & Punk Rock)

Ian Clark is our buddy from the punk scene with 16 years of sobriety under his belt. We talk about hitting rock bottom and his recovery over some hop-infused Non-Alcoholic beers.

EPISODE 3: The 420 Episode

   Bay Area comedian and bud aficionado Luigi Diaz stops by for this special episode. We talk sticky green buds of all kinds, craft beer and cannabis demographics, Taco Bell, the legend of 420, and drink some great weed-inspired craft beers.

EPISODE 2: Finding your place

   Episode 2... we speak with our old friend Krista Scruggs. We talk about her experience as a queer woman of color working to make her way in the beverage industry. We also discuss beer and wine brands brewed and/or owned by people in the Black community ranging from E40's malt liquor to gypsy brewing in Sweden (Omnipollo). Enjoy!

Episode 1 : Beer & Metal

   Episode 1... boy we have a lot to learn. Luckily Ryan helped us save this episode. Apologies for the low quality audio up to the 23min mark.
   Our guest is Ryan Hansen... guitarist for Glacier Eater and Wilderness Dream, formerly from At Our Heels, and most notably Light This City.
   On this episode we discuss how beer and music influence each other, tell stories from the road, talk industry comparisons, and drink some music-inspired beers.