AltBrau is a homebrew blog, podcast, and collaborative brewing project formed to explore the creative possibility of beer and how it can serve as a tool to share people's stories. We drink and brew with friends from all walks of life.

Our focus is on traditional, rustic-style beers.

AltBrau Founder Tim Decker

AltBrau Founder Tim Decker

Many of our beers are aged in oak and fermented with a variety of yeast and bacteria not commonly found in commercial beers. These yeast are a combination of lab grown cultures , those collected from our favorite wild ales, and those captured in nature.

We want to demonstrate that these styles of beer are not solely created and consumed in picturesque European countrysides but also celebrated in vibrant city centers such as Oakland.

At this time AltBrau is not a commercial operation and our collaborations are fully owned and sold by the participating breweries. Our goal is to launch our own line of beers in 2020.


Email: Tim@AltBrau.com
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