Yea... but what is it?

Back in 2011, I was just a fan of beer who had recently been introduced to homebrewing. I was leaving my former occupation as a concert promoter and event coordinator in Central CA and looking for a new challenge. That first batch of homebrew, although not great, got the wheels turning and I quickly decided I wanted to jump into beer.

Easier said than done when you don't know anybody related to the beer business.

So I began to educate myself and network the best I could. I landed internships, I earned certifications, I worked at bottle shops and beer bars.

During that time I met dozens of awesome people (and a few less than awesome) who inspired me. Brewers, bar owners, teachers, and enthusiast of all kinds. I knew that I wanted to work with them someday if possible, even if only for a very short time. AltBrau was my way of doing that.

As AltBrau moves forward, however, it's beginning to take a shape of its own. I've slowly started narrowing our focus and taking baby steps towards a more permanent model.  I'm continuing to learn from all of these awesome people but as I look to the future I aspire to work with them as colleagues in this industry.

We have some really big plans in the works for 2017 and we look forward to taking AltBrau to the next level. Thank you for being here with us as we do so.