R.I.P. Ricky & Russell (Batch 3)

We are sorry to announce that our collaboration beer with Bartlett Hall, scheduled to be tapped on Friday, was involved in an accident caused by equipment failure. Luckily it was a minor incident in terms of potential physical harm and nobody was hurt. However, the beer didnt make it. Here is head brewer Wynn Whisenhunt's account:

"While trying to rack off the collaboration Triple IPA I brewed with AltBrau, the clamp on the racking arm port popped off and shot beer & hops everywhere.. 3bbl of super tasty, 11.1% Triple IPA, brewed with all Southern Hemisphere hops went down the drain. I'm sorry Tim and Bobby and everyone else who didn't get to taste this awesome beer. But we will have our revenge."

We are planning a second brewday ASAP and are looking forward to working with Wynn again. Apologies to our friends who were looking forward to trying Ricky & Russell. Shit Happens. I blame Russell Crowe. Cheers!