What do you wanna hear?

The world of craft beer is home to dozens of podcast. Some good, some bad, and a few fantastic. Whether they are masters in the field of sensory discussing the nuance of an extinct beer style recovered from the tomb of an ancient warlord or a bunch of college kids burping into a mic and broadcasting from their dorm room... there's something for everyone.

Make sure to check out our podcast HERE. If you're looking for conversations with beer experts this isn't for you. In our opinion, if this industry wants to continue to grow, we need to stop preaching to the choir. Although we plan on having some brewer friends on in the future we have chosen to focus on having fun conversations with friends from all backgrounds. 

Check out our most recent episode on coffee (and beer) featuring a discussion with Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Black Flag, The Lemonheads) and barista Campbell McIntosh:

If you're interested in a few other podcast here are some suggestions:

- The Perfect Pour: "A week in the life of a Beer Geek. Craft beer news and culture while drinking the hot beers of the week.

- The Sour Hour: All about wild, funky, and sour beer. Cohosted by Jay Goodwin from The Rare Barrel. For many more great shows check out the rest of the lineup at The Brewing Network

- Good Beer Hunting: Part of the GBH blog, known for their features on some of the brightest names in craftbeer.